Advertising on Twitter

A discussion about social networks can not be relevant without discussing the most dynamic and expeditious mass communication tool/app yet to be created – Twitter. ┬áConcise messages limited to a strict number of characters has appealed greatly to the short-attention span audience that seems to include everyone under the age of 40 and the fact that we can get multiple missives from Twitter tweeters of our choice within hours or minutes is irresistable. We follow and then we find out what’s going on. Clearly are appetite is insatiable for this type of info. Of course, the other side, the senders, are focused on their followers and keeping them on edge and wanting more. Obviously, you are only someone if you have cheap twitter followers – and the more the better off you are (ultimately this is a popularity contest afterall). Even the “little people” want to be followed on Twitter. Everyone wants to show that they too are important- just look I’ve got followers! (Don’t know about Twitter, well click here and learn.) Sometimes a little help in this area is needed, thus we provide here a good place to buy real twitter followers cheap. Sometimes we do what we have to do to keep up appearances (not to mention the Jones) so go ahead and purchase twitter followers to improve the visuals on your Twitter page. You can also buy twitter followers just make sure you do so from a site which provides high level Twitter marketing services. This video explains this phenomon well in the area of journalism and dealing with constant flow of information:

And these social networks are evolving as their need to generate revenue becomes paramount as the founders and investors need ways to monetize their investments (and founders need to get rich). Twitter and Instagram have both moved into video which enables both entities to package another means for advertisers to ply their wares in our faces and headphones. And Facebook has created a huge advertising network in this social medium. Indeed, their whole switch into creating Facebook as a corporate social portal has been their savviest monetization move yet (Twitter has done this as well, but is lagging in the monetization arena). Facebook’s fan pages with their fans and likes (facebook likes being the more marketable brand name than fans and thus the change) must be developed and marketed to. You can see the importance of this video here which is instruction corporations on how to get more fans and likes:


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Instagram and Advertising

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks which may or may not have something to do with its acquisition by Facebook. This is a fascinating development and can really help marketers in creating speacilized image centric campaigns. Here is a good video on explaining marketing on Instagram:

Instagram is an image rather than text oriented network. It is also much more temporal than some of its counterparts in the social networking world. But it just makes it a more focused demographic for your marketing efforts. The history of Instagram is interesting. Buying Instagram followers is a good marketing strategy used by the biggest marketers out there – face it, sometimes it just makes sense to buy instagram followers cheap which will increase the activity on your page and gain likes for your images. This is a good way to increase your social following and improve your Instagram Page’s marketability. The big strategy that many ignore is to buy cheap instagram followers

Now Instagram has unveiled a video sharing app to compete with Twitter’s Vine app. Although Instagram’s video clip time is longer than that of Vine (almost twice as much), it does not appear to be gaining the same popularity as Vine. The demographics of Instagram are different than Twitter (Instagram is a younger and more urban group as a whole) so that may have something to do with it. Time will tell.

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Facebook Advertising and Marketing Strategies

Social marketing today requires the ability to effectively market as it is such a crowded space. The first place you want to be is Facebook as it is far and away the largest social network out there and reaches a much greater audience than all of the other social networks combined (excluding YouTube which is a giant all by itself, forget the fact that it is owned by Google). Thus, it is evident that promotion on Facebook is a must for everybody, be you a brand, service or your a group or yourself. The key barometer of success on Facebook is likes. So getting likes is the most important aspect of any marketing campaign. In can be very clever to get a big push by buying likes on Facebook . This will make you appear popular, which is a great way to start any campaign. This is a key and under utilized strategy: buying likes on facebook You should have a very vibrant Facebook Fan Page and it should include a mix of videos, images and simple text updates. You should scatter links to your website throughout your posts and on your wall. Having contests is a great way to boost likes and so are incentives to click on your website for freebies (everyone loves freebies.)

This video provides some good insights on how to develop and implement a good marketing strategy on Facebook and to get likes:

Facebook provides its advertisers a great deal of data regarding its User base and helps these marketers to target their audience. This is probably the best targeting available in social media. Take a look at this demographic information which is just a sample of the types of data that Facebook provides for its customers – especially those seeking likes on Facebook. See below:

Facebook Marketing Demographics

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